AJ Kandel

VP of Operations

A traveler at heart, AJ settled in Wyoming after seeing many parts of the world through work and his service in the United States Marines. Growing up in Ohio and Florida, Wyoming offers a refreshing change of pace. He has 20+ years experience of professional leadership experience at mid-management to executive levels. AJ continues his drive to provide engineered business development, strategic financial planning, and an expert focus on quality and process implementation. With a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and Certification in Engineering Technology from Kent State University, his multi-faceted experience has led him to a new passion leading the eval.com team. As an adventurer, traveler, and animal lover AJ has found himself exploring the trails, lakes, and wide-open spaces of Wyoming. He enjoys running, swimming, stand-up paddle-boarding, and really anything outdoors! AJ has 3 kids and 1 stepdaughter. He is happy to finally have found a place to call home in Wyoming along with his fiancé Denise and their four crazy dogs.