Wherever you work, so do we.

From our background in rural America, we’ve seen first-hand how local lenders (and their borrowers) often wait longer and pay more for real estate valuations, or end up doing them internally.

We know valuing real estate in certain markets is tough, but our roots have taught us to never back down from a challenge… so you can trust that no matter where the property is, from the smallest town to the biggest city, we’ll help you find your value without charging more or taking longer to do it.

Where there are appraisers, there’s Eval.com.

We understand what it takes to value real estate the right way – and that includes bringing in the experts. Which is why we are proud to be the only evaluation company that is founded and run by appraisers. From our people to our product, our process, and our philosophy, we are appraiser-driven.

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What Our Clients Say

Ease of use; good communication if we had questions; quick resolution/response; helpful reps……good experience!

- Northern Rocky Region, Commercial Market President -

You have such a short turnaround time. All of your staff is very friendly and like how easy the new site is to use.

- Upper Midwest Region, Ag Specialist -

I have had excellent customer service with eval.com.

- Midwest Region, Lender -

Very professional and gets things done in a timely manner.

- Rocky Mountain Region, Loan Officer -

Love the flow of the process and like working with the people who are handling the evaluation process.

- Northern Plains, Credit Officer -

You all have been great to work with on all the ag department evaluations. Thank you!

- Upper Mid-West Credit Union, Ag Specialist -

Great leadership and great staff!

- Mid-West, Commercial Lender -

You guys do a great job and the turnaround time is reasonable.

- Rocky Mountain Region, Commercial Lender -