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"As a certified general appraiser, and owner of a regional appraisal firm, I was well aware of the difficulty clients often have in finding the right valuation professional to fit their needs. This is why we created - through custom professional profile pages, we connect appraisers everywhere, just like us, with the clients who need them."
Deborah Clark

Certified General Appraiser

"As a 2nd generation appraiser, I have been fortunate to not have had to put too much time or effort into marketing. On top of that, I’m of the age where I’ve not prioritized being particularly tech savvy. Sound familiar? With that being said, I have felt some exposure as the valuation service landscape continues to become more digital in nature. Admittedly, I have had difficulty staying ahead of the curve. When Deb asked me to consult for, I welcomed the opportunity as the product her group proposed essentially solved my issue in one fell swoop. With a simple registration and customization of my profile I have, overnight, developed a web presence I had lacked for the past 17 years. Thank You for giving me a presence on the internet that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg and involved zero heavy lifting."
Michael Haeder

Certified General Appraiser