Why Evals

We provide banks and credit unions with appraiser designed reporting from experienced analysts, so you can be a safer lender. We're fast, affordable, and guaranteed compliant.


Why use an evaluation?

  • Types of Property

    We provide lenders with appraiser-designed residential, commercial, multi-family, land, and agricultural evaluations that are guaranteed-compliant.

  • 5 Day Turnaround

    Our standard reports are turned in 5 business days. Reports are done by on-staff analysts. Every report is reviewed and validated by an on-staff appraiser.

  • Cost

    The cost of a standard report is $275. For additional fees, we also provide second approaches, as-complete values, interior inspections, and even faster rush order.

  • Compliance

    Our evaluations are fully compliant with the IAEG and are permitted for use by lenders across the US.

  • Accuracy

    Our appraiser-designed reports include quality information created by in-house analysts with a revision rate of less than 5%. Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Sample Report Button

We use the best market and property-specific data available. To see what a final report looks like, request a sample report right here.

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Our Way vs. The Old Way

Eval.com Broker Price Opinion Restricted Appraisal Full Appraisal
Cost From $275 $400 $1,200+ $3,000+
Turn Time 5 Days 2 Weeks 3 Weeks 1 Month+
Quality check check check
IAEG Compliance check check check
Appraiser QA check check check
As-Complete check check check
Form Simplicity check check check

Additional Services

Evaluations Review

Our independent third-party reviews undergo a two-step process to ensure your evaluations comply with federal regulations—and make sense.

Evaluations Guidance

Our customized programs help your institution better understand the proper uses of evaluations—and bring added compliance to your next examination.


Evaluations you can bank on.