Deb Clark, MAI



Farm kid, hitchhiker, blueberry picker, bartender, traveler, mom, student… appraiser (in that order). While her greatest love is held for her family, dogs, and horses, her passion is her career. Since 2006, Deb has looked for ways appraisers can better serve their clients, their community, and their profession (also in that order). This is what took her from becoming a Certified General Appraiser with the MAI designation, to running her own appraisal company (MountainWest Valuations), and eventually landing on the biggest need of all: Evaluations. Now, with the launch of Eval, her focus is on elevating the industry, and appraisers’ place in it, so that demand for valuations can be met while maintaining the vitality of the profession well into the future.


Evaluations you can bank on.